Breaking up is hard to do

After 17 years of being a loyal customer, Amazon booted all of my reviews from their site, and blocked me from writing any new reviews on products.

They gave some vague reason that I violated their review policy.  The resulting email basically ended like a conversation with Miranda Priestly from “The Devil wears Prada”, in saying: “That’s all.”

That simply blew me away.  I had labored more on my 1K Amazon reviews than I had on my own blog. Actually, more than I had on many things.  Booted.  Excommunicated. Dust.

It’s been about a month, but I wanted to document what it looks like when extricating something that is so ingrained in your every day life.

Find your alternative sources for your purchases.

The short list includes the following: Wal-Mart / Jet  Target   New Egg  Wayfair  Overstock

Personally, I’m just going with Walmart, even though I rarely shop there, and have really no regular access to one of their stores in NYC.

I don’t want to make this a “bitch session” about all the steps I’m taking to “go a different route”, but I think the info might come in handy for others, for a number of different reasons.

I will say this, I’ve replaced the majority of my Echo devices with Google Home speakers, and I’ve removed all apps from my devices.  Gotta treat customers better than that and I think there is still room for more communication on the topic.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that other sites can match most of Amazon’s pricing, but their delivery usually takes longer.  I think that delivery times will only improve for other carriers.

That’s a bit of sacrifice but not a deal breaker.   To qualify for Free shipping, you also usually need to bulk some items together to reach a $25 threshold.

Recently, I purchased cat food (Same price as Amazon) and Duracell batteries. (same per piece cost, but I needed to buy a larger quantity)  One of the items arrived in 2 days, the other arrived in 4.

I also purchased a seat cushion for my office chair.  The cushion was actually $10 less expensive on Walmart but it was going to take about 10 days for delivery as opposed to 2 days with Prime.

After every day items, I find myself purchasing more things on Ebay.  Mainly entertainment items, like DVDs and some other household staples that are broken out of a larger pack or are sample items.  I recently purchased some French soap that was hotel sized but still less expensive overall than if purchased elsewhere or if I had to travel to get the items at Sephora or L’Occitaine.   In general, time is money and when making a shift like this, you must be willing to sacrifice a little delivery time, but with enough planning, it shouldn’t be an issue.

In doing a little searching on breaking up with Amazon, I came across an interesting article. Hmmmm…

Digital assets are a particular and peculiar challenge and it’s opened up my eyes to some potential investment opportunities on undervalued companies.

I’ve been longing for a challenge like this, and it looks like this is going to be an interesting exercise for the foreseeable future.  Watch for updates.

Are you married to any single retail source?  What would you do if you had to change it?





Breaking up with Amazon