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I love learning something from everyone.  What I see young people creating today, I want to emulate, share, and collaborate.

At 50 I found myself in need of new job skills and new opportunities in a rapidly changing job market. I also found new health challenges, some which I was not anticipating.

The bottom line is, that things change, and we need to adapt and change with them.  I explore and write about new opportunities, products, and educational resources that I’d love to share with you, and create a dialog for growth.  I created these 3 posts to summarize my “core content” goals.

  1. Finance
  2. Food
  3. Fitness

I expand on a few other items below.

Finance & Frugality
Earned both my undergraduate degree and MBA, with zero debt.
Pressed for a 10 year mortgage on my home and it has been paid off for 6 years now, in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
Purchased my first rental property when I was 22 years old and sold it for 150% profit.
Grew up in a household with 10 people, so budgeting on a large scale, and stretching resources has been ingrained in me from a very young age.

I’m a big proponent of managing credit wisely and basically learning to save more than you spend.

Technology & Automation
Believe it or not…the future is now.  I try to leverage my career knowledge in computers with a futurist mindset.  This has helped me identify simple, tech advantages to exponentially improve my daily life. I always try to do this without breaking the bank.  Some technology might be better suited to stay on the shelf. I help you determine the difference through product reviews and details of how they fit into the modern home.

Shifting Job responsibilities and skills

During a recent consolidation of my resume, I realized that on paper, I might look like a job hopper. I’ve constantly received conflicting messages about the pros and cons of changing jobs, and sometimes changing them frequently. I attribute some of that conflicting advice to straddling two generations. Boomer and Gen X.
Each position had its own place in my career and I was always happy with my contribution.

Now at mid-life, I find myself in a new place. Most people call it working in the “gig economy”. It’s been fun and exciting so far. Here I hope to share some thoughts, ideas and tips that will help us retool and reinvent ourselves to compete and thrive at mid-life and beyond.  Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to send me an email directly Jim (at) FinanceAfter50 dot com

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