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I’ve always said that I wish my Twitter stats could be my blog page view stats.  Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about figuring out “what works and what doesn’t”.   I might actually make this a regular feature of my blog to help other bloggers.

Twitter is a very curious animal regarding engagement and driving traffic to a blog or another area of the internet.

In broad terms, people like a variety in their feed.  I hate it when people (or organizations) get “overly robotic” with their Twitter account.   I made this point to a friend recently and said…”Do you really think people are going to visit twitter…see an “advertorial” that you post and click on it to visit your website?”  Well…I know that doesn’t work for me… so without getting to much more into it…here are my top 5 tweets for the current month, so far.



There they are, for what it’s worth. I’ll dissect them in a future post or add some commentary and context if I make this a regular feature…but for the most part, my most popular and “engaged”tweets, are about fairly banal stuff.  Ok…the first one is related to finance, and I was surprised by how many people agreed with my opinion that a basic spreadsheet program…or Excel to be exact, is a better choice than a lot of other automated options and/or robo-advisors.

The others are about coffee, blogging and life.   If you’re interested in this type of detail, comment or let me know and I’ll consider keeping it going.   Thanks for taking a look.



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  1. Okay…. so yea… My excel has been my go to hands down for the past 20 years… as for Keurig… prostate issues come with age… it is 30 years old now. Either you wake up 5x a night or it’s just trickles. LOL

    as for the content… those basic life topics can always relate back to finance in some way or another. It’s life and lifestyle.

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