Frugal money saving tip of the week #5

Frugal money saving tip

Tip: Extend your devices storage capacity

Apple or Android…works with both

Sticker shock abounds with the new iPhone clocking in at $999. We all want to save money on electronics. I live in a mixed Apple and Android device world.   However, usually when I make a purchase of a new device, I go with the lowest level of storage available.  This is so I can get the lowest price.

A few years ago I discovered ways to expand the capacity of storage by using external wifi devices.

Think of it as a mini-portable Google Drive or OneBox storage space.   The difference is that you don’t need an active cell signal to use them. These devices travel with you and you connect to them, via a secure Wifi signal.  That signal is created by the device itself. You don’t need your carrier or a carrier signal to connect to this, as long as you are in close proximity to it.

Save money on electronics with 2 models

There are 2 products available and both are from SanDisk, I often do product reviews for Amazon, and I had reviewed the SanDisk media drive for them.  If you’re interested in seeing how I sometimes compare various products for my reviews, you can check out my product review process here.

My personal favorite is this little bad boy, the SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD. 

Its’ predecessor had a SD card slot on the side that allowed you to expand the storage even further.  However, that model maxed out out at 256GB.  The newest model, pictured here, goes all the way up to 1TB of extra storage!

San Disk Media Drive





SanDisk connect wireless stick





The stick model,  the SanDisk Connect stick wireless flash drive comes in a stick format,  It looks just like a regular old normal USB drive, and allows you to connect 2 ways, via it’s own built in wireless signal, or via the USB plug.   The storage ranges from 32GB up to 256GB.  I think these things are amazing.  I’m not going to go into deep detail on the technical specs on these devices, but just want readers to know that they are out there, available, and they work.  The stick version allows you to connect up to 3 different devices to it, simultaneously.

I have a considerable number of movies that keep stored in an MP4 format and I have no problem streaming from these devices.   Overall, this an inexpensive way to boost your storage space, but save on your original capacity configuration.  Even as a tech guy, these hadn’t popped up on my radar until after they were on the market for a while.  Give them a try.

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