Frugal money saving tip of the week #1


Pinching pennies

Sometimes I want to pinch pennies so hard, I want their grandchildren to feel it.

Everyone has their own way of saving a little money here and there.   I thought I’d create something I could share each week.

None of this stuff is brain surgery, it simply takes some commitment and tapping into your own creativity.

This weeks tip revolves around my snack foods, and trying to snack a little bit healthier.  Hummus and pretzels are my favorite snack to eat, especially when traveling or getting on an airplane.

I wanted to recreate this quick and somewhat healthy snack, without paying full retail.  I see you can get these on Jet for $1.99 each.  We can do at least a little better than that.

Saving money on your snacks

Build your own

I recently discovered the same, flat pretzels on sale by the “Snack factory” on sale for $2.99 per bag.  The Sabra hummus was also on sale for $2.99. I ca probably squeeze enough for about 10 servings, with one bag of pretzel crisps and 2 containers of hummus.

Sometimes I use these reditainer storage containers if I want to portion out some individual servings that I can grab and go.

When you do the math, you end up saving about $10 by building your own snacks

1 Pretzels = .60 cents per serving

2 Sabbra humus serving = .60 cents per serving

3 container costs .08 cents per container

That’s about a .70 cent savings per serving over the retail price of this snack.   You could probably squeeze out a little more, depending on the portion size.

Pace yourself

Even if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of building your little portable snack kits, you can simply pace yourself, and eat them both as you go.  Remember not to over do it if you want to stay on track with your health goals.  A lot of people have a problem, when it comes to eating directly from the bag.  You simply need to be aware of this, if you’re trying to “eat as you go”.


Overall, this is a nice snack that can save you some calories and some money if done properly.



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