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Marrying for the money

It’s one of the oldest tales in the book and still one of the most compelling. My Father-in-law used to say, “When you marry for the money, you end up earning every nickel.” While I didn’t have to worry about that as motivation for me or my wife, the lesson was always nearby. So recently, during my extended stay at home, I had a chance to catch up on one of my favorite movies on the topic: “Match Point”. I’m kind of a nerdy Woody Allen fan, or at least of his movies and movie style. This is one of his best. I’ve also spent some time in London, so I’m familiar with the snobbery and some of the location shoots. Top it all off with the HIGHLY sensual Scarlett Johanson and I could watch this thing on a loop for days. (ok…maybe 2 or 3 times)

Success: How much is skill and how much is luck?

The movie starts with a simple question, posited to the viewers. How much of our success is based in skill and much in luck. Since we are immersed in an elitist English family, their game of choice is tennis. A metaphor is drawn, about the ball, hitting the net and sometimes bouncing on one side or the other. It’s a question that I’ve pondered myself many times.

Trappings of a good life

The movie is visually stunning and drives home the point of a very comfortable life. While the (poor) tennis pro star, marries into it, he’s really in love with someone else. His new Brother-in-law’s girlfriend or soon to be ex-girlfriend. (Johansen) . As she says in one of the early scenes…” play a very aggressive game.”. I’m not going to spoil the entire plot. However, it’s so cleverly laid out and executed that you can’t help but live in the shoes of the characters.

Peeking into the lives of the wealthy

Often, when I’ve traveled, either solo or with my wife, I’ve had a feeling of peeking into the lives of the extremely wealthy. Those trips would come crashing back down to reality, upon our return. I never minded it, or should I say I never got used to it. It always helped keep me grounded. However, that is the feeling that is captured with Woody’s film here. Someone who desperately, does not want to return to their former station in life. I think it touches on topics of globalization and more. If you’re interested in money and a comfortable life and have not checked this out yet, it’s worth the time. If you have seen it already, it could be time for another several viewings.

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