I hate my site stats! Revealing spotlight on what went wrong.

Site stats: The Devil is in the details

Really that headline should read, “What went wrong & right.” because the numbers are trending back in a direction that are positive.  However, February was a bust and March will still probably fall short of where I left off in January.

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While technically, we still have a little more than 24hrs remaining in the month of March, I’m going to sum it up now, because it’s a slow Friday night. Plus, maybe you’ll give me a pity-click and take a look around my site. 🙂

The numbers

The two following graphs should be considered together. The first is basically number of page views (March: 610) and total visitors (March: 214).

The second is a list of number of posts that were created during each particular month.

My January looked like the commitment of a failed dieter that goes to the gym every day and eats right.  I reached my goal of making a post every single day for the first week of the month, and then went back to eating bon bons and laying on the couch. (not really…I prefer moonpies).

If you take a look at the totals, you can see my numbers dropped off during the month of February, and that was basically from lack of effort. I only published a single post during February, but counting the one you’re reading, this will be my 5th post for the month of March.

One good thing about March is that my ratio of visitors to total page views has improved.  That means fewer people, but they’re looking a more pages.  That’s a good sign.

Site stats









Site stats published



Areas for improvement

Truthfully, I was hoping to break my January number of 704 page views but it looks like I’m going to fall short of that, and that’s my biggest reason for being down on the totals for March.  To be fair, while I think my blogging voice has become more defined, I need to improve on consistency.  Being “Jack of everything” is a lament I’ve heard from other bloggers often. I’m on the cusp of improving many of those efficiencies.

Additionally, I think I should be getting a LOT more “organic” traffic, rather than just relying on my links from Index sites, or my social media activity.

Keyword research and SEO optimization is going to where I’m focused.  In addition to that, I’ll be focused on Link building with other sites, to do either guest posts or some type of collaboration / sponsored posts.

Other things that happened

I officially created an LLC for the site, and bit the bullet on the expense of the legal fees to complete that task.  For a “frugal” master like myself, that’s incentive enough to keep this thing alive.

In December, I rebranded the site from MyCareerReboot (which I still kind of miss) to its’ current iteration.  I feel that this niche has taken root and can continue to be a big growth opportunity.

My Moz score continues to climb and is a respectable 21. (with room for improvement)

As a blogger, it’s so easy to give up, and I don’t encourage people to keep banging away at something if it’s not working.  However, if you can take an honest look at what you might be doing wrong, then you can create the possibility for some personal growth.  For me, it provides a reflection point for other areas of my life, where I might have given up too soon.  (relationships, jobs, friendships, investing ideas, etc.)  That is the saving grace.

Maybe these numbers aren’t so bad after all.

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