Reading and Re-reading for 2018

Reading for 2018

Consuming media in the 21st century

How we receive information is rapidly changing form.  If you haven’t seen my short piece on how I’m scanning my own books, you can check it out here.

Books, magazines, audio and video are all merging into a constant stream. The book in the list below entitled “The Inevitable” describes this radical shift in excellent detail. The authors believes that “screening” will be the main term attached to consuming this media, and I happen to agree with him.   This is what I’ll be screening in 2018, with a short comment about why I think they are worthwhile.  My goal is to create 1 post per day, so unfortunately, I’m not doing links.  Copy the title into Amazon if interested.

New Stuff

1. Business Model You

Great book that details boiling down your talents so you can identify how to reinvent your career. This turns buzzwords into a practical path.

2. The Happiness Project

Details the authors journey in taking a full year off and just trying to enjoy life more. Seems a little “touchy feely” but I’m intrigued.

3.Hatching Twitter

This is an older title, but I was mentally absent during the launch of twitter. I’m a late adopter but fascinated by the practical interactions that I’ve had in working on this blog. Another good one is “Follow me”, if you want to better understand how you can leverage this important social media platform.


4. Encore Career Handbook

I found this from a reference in another audible book about mid-life challenges. Similar to the Business model you book above, this is a practical workbook that distills your skills and preferences into a practical plan. I did a more in depth review of this book early, which you can check out here.

5. Getting things done by David Allen

If you don’t have a true “System” for keeping yourself on track, this book will snap you into shape quickly. Might not be a structure for everyone, but you will definitely come away with something.

6. A whole new mind

This is a great book for understanding how creative people and talent will be sought out in the future of business. Think, “creative interview questions at Google”.  Truly eye opening.  One of the few audible books I’ve listened to multiple times.

7. Understanding comics by Scott McCloud

I found this book from a recommendation within “A whole new mind”.  It helps someone understand a bit more about “storytelling” and how to be a good story teller. I always love to tell stories, but this can take you to the next level and solidify a skill that is highly beneficial in business.

Always useful and highly recommended

8. The Inevitable

This is probably the best book I’ve listened to in the last 5 years.  If you want to “skate where the puck is going to be” (as Wayne Gretzky was famously quoted), you’re going to want to read or listen to this book. Summary takeaway is that in the next 20 years, there will be more technological change/innovation that has happened in the previous 300 years.  It will help you put some things in perspective that are going on in the business world and how you might leverage these changes to your advantage.  Simply an amazing book.

9. Your own worst enemy

This is just an anchor self-help book that can help anyone get “unstuck”. Put self-doubt to the side and stop living inside your own head.  I love this book for younger people, but practical at any age.

10. The 12 Bad habits that hold good people back.

I stumbled upon this by reading about it in response to a career question written into the Wall Street Journal.  Opened my eyes to a lot of personality types and how you can either overcome them yourself, or deal with them as you move through life.  Again, amazing book for young people, but you can get a lot out of it at any age.  It’s never too late to make a change.

Bonus: I caught an interview on the now exiled Charlie Rose show with the founder of Scribd.  I hadn’t previously heard of it, but with everyone trying to get me to sign up for “all you can eat” services, I thought this was an interesting one, and I will be testing it out in 2018.  (after my $12 WSJ subscription runs out in March)

I hope you found something interesting here and I wish you happy growth in 2018.

I’d love to hear your recommendations or list for 2018.


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  1. Hello Jim

    Excellent book suggestions, I’m going to pick up a copy of Understand Comics. My goal in 2018 is to improve my blogging and anything that can help me tell my story better is appreciated.

    Thank you for putting this list together.

    1. Hi Michael and thank you for commenting. Storytelling continues to grow in importance. I recently spent a lot of time on’s training website and they highly value it as a skill for their workforce. I felt a little silly reading it on the subway when I first picked it up, but it has practical value in almost any situation. Glad you like the list and thanks again for taking the time out to comment.

  2. A book that I’ve read a couple of times now that you might like is “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. And one that I’m currently reading is “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown.

    I will definitely have to check out Getting Things Done. I need a guide for my goals 🙂 They are big this year!

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