Year end blog stats

Year end blogging stats

This is just going to be a quick, benchmark post that summarizes my year end stats.  With over 6,000 page views and roughly 3,000 visitors, it wasn’t exactly a stellar year.  However, the year ended with some momentum and I did double my traffic from the previous year.  I’d estimate that about 10% of that traffic was driven by some testing of “Google ad words” that I did throughout the year.  A personal goal is to earn my Google Ads certification before June 30, 2019.  That is also going to help me with “keyword” research, to boost organic traffic.

In general, I haven’t written that much about my site stats, since this post, back in March 2018. Which was not too bad for the first quarter of 2018, but my efforts kind of “petered out”, just like the stock market.

Still a challenge to focus on steady improvement, but this is going to be a year of focused effort.   This is how I would sum up my own efforts over the years, since launching this blog in September of 2016.

2016= Weak effort overall  Grade=D
2017= More writing but lack of focus   Grade=C-
2018= Less writing, more social media, first mini-viral post. Grade=C

Goals for 2019
1. Hit 1,000 page views per month
2. Increase email subscriptions by 100
3. Publish PDF book on hip replacement
4. Publish at least (4) 1,000 word guest blog posts on other sites
5. Generate at least $1,000 in affiliate income

I’ve already purchased my ticket for FinCon19 so that is going to be a big motivator to get my stuff together and be firing on all cylinders when I show up in Washington DC in the Fall.

That’s pretty much it for now. I look at other bloggers who share insights and I marvel at their growth, but I need to continually remind myself that my story is unique and has merit.  I’m hoping to continue to learn and grow in 2019.

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