When you reach FIRE will you have a chip?

I must admit….growing up poor has it’s advantages… Depending on the individual, it can teach you to be frugal and how to appreciate the things that you have. But it also has it’s downsides when living in the land of the wealthy.  It can leave you with a hint of resentment toward others that have […]

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The incredible shrinking budget

Incredible shrinking budget

Sometimes it’s about the tools you use When I built my Ikea kitchen all by my lonesome, the best investment I had made was purchasing 3 small clamps.  They are similar to these. Wow, what a difference they made.  These things clamp the cabinets together tightly so you can easily screw them together. I had […]

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Money Saving Tip #9

Frugal tip of the week

Long tail upgrades When we were both employed, I was springing for flat panel TV’s in every room.  It was an interesting exercise, because I bought them over a 2 or 3 year period.  It gave me an education in the various types of TV’s out there, and the evolution of “SmartTV’s”.   I moved from […]

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